Brisa Ramirez: Social Media Strategist

Connect with your audience through thoughtful, engaging content.

I have experience growing brand new social media accounts for small businesses, revamping accounts that have a disengaged audience, and working with artists, writers, and content creators looking to promote themselves and their projects.

Brand Development

I will work with you to fine-tune your brand strategy, making sure your objectives and your brand strategy closely align. Then I will help you create guidelines that can be used to ensure your look, voice, and messaging are consistent throughout various platforms.

Social Media Strategy

Having a social media strategy is very important in helping you create consistent, on-brand content. This strategy will serve as a guide to work toward your objectives and take note of the progress you have made toward each one.

Creative Direction

Are you feeling burnt out or at a loss of what content to create next? I’m here to help you brainstorm, create a content calendar, and keep your creativity flowing. Whether that means I create some of your content to give you a break or help you brainstorm and edit copy for future posts, I’m here to help.

“Brisa was such a huge help to me during the launch of my first book of poetry, Let the Water Run Clear. I came to her with barely any clue on how to execute a book launch, and she helped me with the launch team, social media calendar, and even some content creation, such as editing promotional videos for various social media platforms. She is kind, knowledgeable, and very well-versed in the world of social media marketing. I highly recommend working with Brisa and look forward to doing so myself in the future. “

E.L. Dan

E.L. Dan, a twentysomething white person with long brown hair sits cross-legged on the ground in an outdoor space, surrounded by trees. She wears green pants, a green floral top, and a black cardigan and has her hands over her chest and her eyes closed. Overlayed at the bottom of the photo is the text "Let the Water Run Clear by E.L. Dan."
E.L. Dan is a  poet, reiki master, and intuitive card reader. 

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