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Money-Saving Tips

I’ve never been great at budgeting or consistently saving up money. When I started working and getting paychecks, I didn’t put that much thought into how much money I had to spend and how much I needed to save in order to be okay. Then I’d go out and accidentally spend more than I should… Continue reading Money-Saving Tips

Money & Shopping

Items I Always Purchase (Without Regrets)

While I’ve been trying to spend less money in the past year and hopefully slowly save up (I haven’t exactly had a large income in the last almost-year), that hasn’t kept me from spending money on items and events that I genuinely enjoy. If it brings me joy, provides me with fun memories, or makes… Continue reading Items I Always Purchase (Without Regrets)

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7 New Activities to Try out This Summer

Summer is a time when people like to get out and try new things, maybe take a few trips, or just hang out with friends. It’s a time when most people are up for an adventure. But if you’re anything like me, you might not have that much money to make something fun and adventurous… Continue reading 7 New Activities to Try out This Summer