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What Minimalists Should Get Rid Of

I’ve seen so many articles, videos, and blog posts out there where a minimalist will mention pretty specific examples of items he or she believes everyone should get rid of. These range from stuffed animals to old magazines to anything you have more than one of. And while I understand the idea behind this type… Continue reading What Minimalists Should Get Rid Of


4 Ways You Can Jump-Start Your Decluttering Process

Decluttering can at first feel like a huge task. There are so many random items and storage spaces to worry about, even when you live in a smaller space. The task can feel daunting, and I know that at first I was pretty unsure about where to start. But over time, I learned a few… Continue reading 4 Ways You Can Jump-Start Your Decluttering Process


What I’ve Been Wearing: Winter, Where You At? 2017

This year’s winter has been so strange. I guess that’s part of what happens when living in this part of Texas. Some days it’s so warm that wearing shorts is the most comfortable option, while others days I’m in a sweater and still feeling a little bit chilly. I’ve stopped worrying about dressing for the… Continue reading What I’ve Been Wearing: Winter, Where You At? 2017


Creating a Space for Every Activity

I’ve been working hard to create a space for everything that I own. That way, I know where to find everything and I know where it goes after using it. I’ve started applying this same mindset now to spaces as well. I like to know which activities I do in which spaces. It allows me… Continue reading Creating a Space for Every Activity


My Mindset for Time Management

Throughout the decluttering process, I’ve started to be aware of more than just my physical possessions. I’ve also started to put more thought into my what I spend my time doing, watching, and listening to. I’ve already written before about how I’ve made some changes to the way I use my phone in order to… Continue reading My Mindset for Time Management

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6 Tips for Practicing Self-Care

Life can get pretty stressful at times, which is why it’s important to practice regular self-care. As someone who’s dealt with a lot of anxiety in the past, I’ve had to learn a lot about self-care and what does or doesn’t work for me. So here are some self-care tips that I hope you’ll incorporate… Continue reading 6 Tips for Practicing Self-Care

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How to Be More Eco-Friendly with Your Wardrobe

Americans throw away an average of 80 pounds of clothing per person each year, according to Newsweek. Fast fashion brands that consistently change out the clothing in their stores cause trends to change so quickly that people are buying more clothes than they’re capable of wearing regularly. The clothes are low quality, though, so pieces often… Continue reading How to Be More Eco-Friendly with Your Wardrobe


3 Tips for Decluttering Mindfully

When people choose to start living with less, this usually means they start working on decluttering their belongings. Decluttering can end up meaning that we hurt the environment, though, because we end up adding so many items to the landfill. It can be easy to simply want to throw everything in the dumpster and never… Continue reading 3 Tips for Decluttering Mindfully