Keeping Color in a Small Wardrobe

I’ve been decluttering my wardrobe a lot over the past few months, getting rid of the pieces that no longer fit me or that I don’t actually like wearing. Something I’ve ended up realizing is that decluttering can often lead to having a not-so-colorful wardrobe. This is usually because it’s easier to create more outfits… Continue reading Keeping Color in a Small Wardrobe

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When Are You Minimalist Enough?

When I first started decluttering, I hadn’t really learned much about what it meant to be a minimalist. All I knew was that I was tired of owning clothes that didn’t fit right or that I never wore. I started slowly working my way through my wardrobe and getting rid of pieces were uncomfortable, didn’t… Continue reading When Are You Minimalist Enough?

Lifestyle & Mindset

How Minimalism Has Helped My Mental Health

A few months ago I decided to take the journey toward minimalism. I had already started decluttering, but it wasn’t until I looked into it a little more that I realized I really wanted to strive toward a minimalist, intentional lifestyle. If you’re unsure about what minimalism is, I’ve liked this particular definition best: “Minimalism… Continue reading How Minimalism Has Helped My Mental Health

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4 Ways to Treat Yourself While on a Budget

Self-care is really important to me. That doesn’t always mean pampering myself, but when it does, I’ve often ended up splurging in order to treat myself. Pedicures massages, or a trip to Starbucks can be a great way to relax, but they’re not the only option. Self-care means a lot of things. It means taking… Continue reading 4 Ways to Treat Yourself While on a Budget

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Ways to Maintain a Minimalist Wardrobe

I recently wrote a post about decluttering your wardrobe and ways to reorganize it. The tips were pretty general, and they were aimed at people who are just starting out in the decluttering process or who were just interested in reorganizing their wardrobe. However, I want to go into more detail about how to keep… Continue reading Ways to Maintain a Minimalist Wardrobe

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Decluttering on Social Media

Throughout this new journey toward a minimalistic lifestyle, I’ve found myself reevaluating my online life. Like most people, I have several social media accounts and spend plenty of time on the internet, both on my phone and on my laptop. I’ve been trying to come up with ways to figure out how I can cut… Continue reading Decluttering on Social Media


Some Benefits of Decluttering

I’ve recently been looking into the minimalistic lifestyle and reading a lot on decluttering and downsizing one’s possession’s. From all this research I’ve done, I’ve found that there are a lot of benefits to having a clean living space. However, I didn’t really understand these benefits until I started to declutter my own space. I… Continue reading Some Benefits of Decluttering

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Clothing Storage Tips

Decluttering your wardrobe is an ongoing process. I’ve been working on getting to a place where I’m happy with every piece of clothing I own for the past few months, and I think I’m basically there at this point. In the process, I’ve moved from hanging most of my clothes to folding it. The only… Continue reading Clothing Storage Tips

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What Living Simply Means to Me

As you might have read on a previous post, I’ve decided I want to declutter and live more simply. However, this is something that I’m already struggling with, as I own a lot of things. There are a lot of objects I own that were gifted to me or that bring back special memories. Moreover,… Continue reading What Living Simply Means to Me

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Beginning My Journey Towards Minimalism

I’ve recently become interested in the minimalistic lifestyle. I’ve known about this kind of lifestyle for quite some time, but it wasn’t until recently that I really started looking into it. I’ve been listening to the podcast by The Minimalists. (It’s on iTunes and Soundcloud, as well a couple other places. You should definitely check… Continue reading Beginning My Journey Towards Minimalism