Money & Shopping

When Giving a Gift Becomes Rude

I’ve always loved the concept of giving and receiving gifts. More recently, though, I’ve been putting a lot of thought into why I want to give someone a gift and whether or not that person will actually appreciate it. Gifts can definitely be great, but it can also be inconvenient to to the receiver when… Continue reading When Giving a Gift Becomes Rude


Workspace Tour

I've been doing a lot of decluttering, but my workspace has been pretty difficult. I've recently made quite a bit of progress and thought I'd show you what workspace at home looks like. Let me know if you have any suggestions for better ways to organize any of my drawers or shelves. Thanks for watching!… Continue reading Workspace Tour


Small Ways to Personalize Your Living Space

When you move into a new place or just want to make some small changes to your bedroom or your entire living space, it can be difficult to know where to start. If you’re looking to change up or reorganize your living space, here are some tips that will guide you toward adding your own… Continue reading Small Ways to Personalize Your Living Space