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When Your Friend Can Say, “I Told You So”

“See?” he told me. “I always tell you not to worry.” I laughed to myself and nodded. He really does always say that – always tells me that things are going to work out. And I hardly ever believe it. I’m a worrier by nature. When my friends travel, I worry about them having a… Continue reading When Your Friend Can Say, “I Told You So”

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5-Minute Hangouts

I’m a really busy person, and so are all my friends. That’s what happens when you’re in college, I guess. Or maybe this is just the way life is in general. I couldn’t say for sure. But anyway, I’ve realized that in all this busyness, sometimes I go days or even weeks without seeing some… Continue reading 5-Minute Hangouts

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If You Feel Overwhelmed

Oh, the college life. You know, people used to tell me I should get more involved in school activties – that I should make more friends, be on campus more often, show my face around more, etc. Well, here I am: president of the creative writing club, editor of our school magazine, employee at four… Continue reading If You Feel Overwhelmed