5 Spaces You Might Have Forgotten to Declutter

This post is for anyone who’s been trying to declutter the spaces around them. Maybe you’ve already gone through some of the more obvious stuff like your closet or your work space. But here are some of the spaces you might have forgotten about decluttering and reorganizing. The glove compartment. I have a terrible tendency… Continue reading 5 Spaces You Might Have Forgotten to Declutter


What I’ve Been Wearing: Spring 2017

It always seems to me that spring lasts all of three seconds before we start talking about summer and pretending that it’s already here. That’s probably why I’m writing this post earlier than I normally write my “What I’ve Been Wearing” post of the season. If you’ve seen my other “What I’ve Been Wearing” posts,… Continue reading What I’ve Been Wearing: Spring 2017

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6 Items You Should Have in Your Carry-On

Today, I’d like to share with you my thoughts and tips about what you should have with you in your personal bag when you’re travelling on an airplane. What I’m referring to is which items you’ll want to have in your personal bag either to use during the flight or to avoid putting these items… Continue reading 6 Items You Should Have in Your Carry-On

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Bathroom Decluttering and Organization Tips

I’ve always been the girl that creates bathroom clutter. All the tiny lotions, almost-empty shampoo bottles, miscellaneous beauty products, and (oddly enough) excessive amounts of floss have always made it difficult for me to keep a clean bathroom. If you take a look at my bathroom now, though, it’s a lot cleaner and far more… Continue reading Bathroom Decluttering and Organization Tips

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5 Basic Packing Tips

With summer coming up, it’s very likely you’re planning a trip or two in the next couple months. So I’ve decided to share with you some of my most basic tips for packing well no matter where it is you’re going. Make a list ahead of time. If you know me, you know how much… Continue reading 5 Basic Packing Tips


5 Ways to Simplify Your To-Do List

It can be challenging to find a good, organized way to keep track of everything you need to do. If you’re in school, you need to keep track of upcoming assignments and projects as well as your daily schedule. Not to mention, you probably have a job and possibly other responsibilities. If you’re living on… Continue reading 5 Ways to Simplify Your To-Do List

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23 Things I’m Thankful For

If you’re friends with me, you undoubtedly know that I am a huge fan of birthdays and of my own in particular. So today, in honor of my birthday, I’ve decided to post a list of 23 things I’m thankful for. I think it’s a great way to remind myself of all the great things… Continue reading 23 Things I’m Thankful For

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5 Ways to Read More Books

If you’re like me, you love books and reading, but you don’t always make the time for it. So I’ve been making some changes to make sure I get in some reading every single day. Hopefully these benefit you as well. Here are my tips: Read thirty minutes every morning or night. Starting and/or ending… Continue reading 5 Ways to Read More Books


Reusing vs. Recycling

When we’re talking about ways to help out the environment, recycling will pretty much always come up. And it makes sense that recycling is considered to be important because getting as many uses out of an item as possible seems like a great way to avoid letting items end up in landfills (at least right… Continue reading Reusing vs. Recycling


How to Actually Wear Everything in Your Wardrobe

It can be difficult some days to figure out what to wear. If you’re like me, you probably have a few go-to outfits. But then you might also notice that there are some pieces of clothing you’re not wearing very frequently. So here are some tips that should help you make sure you’re getting some… Continue reading How to Actually Wear Everything in Your Wardrobe

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When Giving a Gift Becomes Rude

I’ve always loved the concept of giving and receiving gifts. More recently, though, I’ve been putting a lot of thought into why I want to give someone a gift and whether or not that person will actually appreciate it. Gifts can definitely be great, but it can also be inconvenient to to the receiver when… Continue reading When Giving a Gift Becomes Rude


How to Find Your Style

Takes some notes. Write down the sorts of activities you do in any given week, what sort of clothes wear most often, and what outfits make you feel most comfortable. This will give you a sense not only of what you want your wardrobe to have in it but also what it should include. Choose… Continue reading How to Find Your Style


5 Ways to Have a More Eco-Friendly Kitchen

Use cloth rags instead of paper towels. A bonus benefit from this will be that you’ll save money because you don’t need to buy new rags as often as you need to buy more paper towels. The down side to paper towels is that you can’t recycle them once they’ve been used and they can… Continue reading 5 Ways to Have a More Eco-Friendly Kitchen

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Tips for Buying Secondhand Clothing

Shopping for clothing that has been previously owned can often be seen in a negative light, but it's inexpensive and helpful to the environment. So if that's something you're interested in doing, here are a few tips to help you make the most of your thrift shopping experience. Try out online secondhand clothing sites. There… Continue reading Tips for Buying Secondhand Clothing