Tips for an Organized Living Space

Keeping your living space consistently clean can be a bit of a challenge. While there’s a lot you can do as far as decluttering and rearranging, it’s also helpful to have a consistent cleaning schedule. This doesn’t mean you need to spend multiple hours a day cleaning your house. In fact, it should help you cut down on how much time you clean each day.

Do each task on the same day. There are obviously some chores, such as dishes, that you’ll likely be doing every single day or at the very least, multiple times a week. For chores that only need to be done about once a week or so, though, it helps to choose a day and stick to that schedule. Pick a day to go grocery shopping, a day to do laundry, and a different day to vacuum or sweep. You’ll feel less overwhelmed if you split up these bigger tasks, and you’ll consistently remember to get them done.

Set reminders for yourself. It can be difficult to build up these consistent habits, so it’s helpful to set reminders or add these tasks to your calendar or to-do list. Having some sort of reminder will help you keep track of which tasks are meant to be done on each day, especially at the beginning.

Do the small things right away. I know this can be a difficult habit to form, but it can be really helpful. If it only takes a few minutes, do it right away. Whether that means putting the dishes in the dishwasher, putting away the groceries, or clearing out the random items that have piled up in your car, you’ll end up getting more done in the long run if you don’t put off those tasks anymore. You’ll also likely spend less time cleaning because that space won’t ever become too messy.

Spend a few minutes each night putting items back in place. If you do one quick sweep of your living space each night and put back any items that might have randomly ended up in the wrong space, you’ll avoid letting any messes gradually pile up. This shouldn’t take more than a few minutes and can easily become part of your nightly routine. Just walk around each part of your living space picking up loose papers or that mug you used in the morning but never put back in the kitchen.

Let me know if you start implementing any of these tips. I’d love to hear about your own cleaning habits as well. Feel free to leave those in the comments section.

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