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If You Don’t Want Any Gifts

During this time of year, there’s so much gift-giving that takes place. It can be exhausting to shop for others, but it can also be exhausting to let others know what you’d like to recieve, especially when you’re in the middle of decluttering and hoping to avoid gaining new possessions. Here are a few ways you can talk to your loved ones as well as some gift ideas to ask for if you’re hoping to avoid receiving gifts during this holiday season.

Try explaining why. If people understand your logic behind not wanting gifts, they’re more likely to believe you and follow through with not getting anything for you. Explain that you’re trying to consume less or that you don’t want to add more clutter to your life at the moment. Many people will be understanding or even relieved. If you have a feeling they’ll still want to show up with a gift, though, you can present them with a few simple options. If this is the route you’d like to take, then keep reading.

Ask for cash or gift cards. You can even give some specific ideas of places you’d like to shop at or places you frequently go to already. That way they know you’ll be able to put those gift cards to good use. Again, explain why you’d like a gift card and why you’d like one to that specific place. For example, I like receiving gift cards to coffee shops because I spend so much time at them. I also like gift cards to Barnes and Noble because I own a nook and mostly read books through that now.

You can also suggest that people give you cash so you can put that toward one bigger purchase you plan on making. If you’re saving up for something, you can let people know that you don’t want any specific gifts but would appreciate it if they contribute toward your new car, camera, computer, etc. This way, people don’t feel the need to purchase a bigger gift for you but still feel like they did get you something or least help you get yourself something.

Ask for consumables. If you already buy a certain snack a lot, ask for that for Christmas. Whether it be gum, chips, or a specific type of drink, it’ll come in handy since you already frequently purchase that item. You can also ask for candles or essential oils if these are items you often use. Think of items you use often that eventually runs out, and ask for these kinds of gifts.

If your friends or relatives bake, you can also ask for their signature baked good, such as cookies or cupcakes. This won’t be too expensive for them but will be made with love. The best part of consumables is that they’re meant to eventually run out, so no one can ask two years later where that item they got you ended up.

Ask for letters. If people are really intent on getting you something but you don’t have any specific items you’d like to ask for, you can always ask people to just give you a card and/or write you a letter. This can be a great one if your love language is Word of Affirmation. And if it is, you can explain that to the people asking what you’d like as a gift. Because once again, if people understand the logic in asking for something – especially something that they might think of as too simple, they’re more likely to be okay with gifting that item.

Hopefully with these ideas, you can have a way to answer when people ask what’s on your wish list. Remember: they have good intentions and just want to show you how much they love you. So it’s often better to give a couple simple ideas and reasons than to simply say you don’t want anything.

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