Money & Shopping

Minimalist Gift Ideas

With Christmas right around the corner, a lot of people are in shopping mode right now. It can be difficult to get people gifts that you know they for sure use and/or appreciate. Sometimes we end up spending a lot more money than we need to on something the other person won’t really care for.

There’s nothing wrong with gift-giving. It’s just important to make sure we’re specifically keeping the receiver in mind when giving a gift. That’s why I’ve created a list of some possibilities for gifts you can get for people in your life. You can get the specific items or use the list as inspiration to think of what works for the people on your list.

These gifts are meant to either be practical, consumable, or experienceable. Gifts don’t need to be something the receiver will hold onto for a really long time. It’s okay to give gifts that can only be enjoyed once or that will eventually run out or to give items the other person actually needs instead of only giving them items they might want.



Tickets to a concert, play or sports game

A gift card to a favorite restaurant

Plane tickets/hotel reservation for a vacation together

Gift card for a spa treatment

An appointment to get pedicures together



A pack of their favorite drink

Baked goods (Cookies, brownies, cake)

A care package filled with favorite snacks

Books from their to-be-read list



Cash (or a check or gift card)

A contribution toward tuition, school books, etc.

A gift card for gas

A care package with basic toiletries

An item from their wish list

Gift card toward a service they’re already subscribed to


These are, of course, only a few ideas and all pretty generic. You can use these as a starting point, though, and see what creative ideas you can up with for the people in your life. I hope this helps. Please leave any additional ideas in the comments section.

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