You’ll Still Be Loved

People can see the worst parts of you and still love you.

It can feel so scary to be vulnerable with other people – to open up to someone for the first time, or even the second or hundredth time. You never know how they’ll react until you’ve said that thing that scares you. You’ll never know if they’ll stick around through thick and thin until they’ve seen the thick and the thin.

But when people truly love you, they’ll stick with you. They’ll continue to love you even through your mistakes, your struggles, and your darkest moments. They’ll hold your hand or sit next to you silently or talk you through your worst nights. They might not always know what to say or do, but they’ll do their best to be what you need in that moment.

But maybe you’re unsure if the person you want to open up to will be respectful or loving or kind. Start off with small truths. Start off with the less valuable information and see how that goes. When they prove to be trustworthy, let them in.

You could spend your whole life keeping everyone at arm’s length, closing yourself off from the people around you. And maybe you’d be less prone to heartbreak. Maybe no one would break your trust simply because you never allowed yourself to trust anyone in the first place. Maybe you would never feel exposed.

But you also wouldn’t be allowing people to fully love and appreciate you. You also wouldn’t give people the opportunity to know and understand you completely. Let people in, and you’ll comprehend how deeply you can be loved. And when people open up to you as well, let them know you still see them as the beautiful, wonderful people they are.

Everyone has insecurities, struggles, and hardships. Everyone has details they’d rather not share with everyone. We all have those stories we only tell our closest friends. Opening up is hard, so you don’t need to open up to every single person in your life. You get to decide who hears your deepest truths. And when people choose to open up to you, you get to love on them and let them know how much you still value them. You get to tell them how much you care.

And if you could care that deeply for someone after seeing their flaws and scars, then of course someone can still love you, baggage and all

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