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On Living in the Present

“It was easier back then.”

“It was more fun before.”

“Those friends understood me better.”

These are all thoughts I’ve had, and I know some of the people around me have had similar ones recently. It’s so easy to get caught up in how good the past was. We idealize our past circumstances and friendships when the present doesn’t meet our expectations. We forget that life wasn’t perfect before either.

I’m very guilty of this. It’s not that I’m not happy with where I’m at. It’s that I so often picture my life a few years ago and miss that part of my life. I miss the people that were in my life before or the classes I was taking or the jobs I had. And I forget how stressful some of those relationships were or how busy I was in general and didn’t always get a chance to do even what I truly needed to get done.

And there isn’t anything wrong with reminiscing or feeling nostalgic about another time and place. There’s a problem with using those memories to avoid the present or letting those thoughts hold you back from moving forward. We can’t recreate the years we’ve already lived. All we can do is keep going and make the most of the present circumstances.

Maybe you’re in a transitional phase right now and you don’t really know what comes next. Or maybe you’ve recently moved somewhere new and you feel like you’re starting over. Entering a new stage of life can be difficult, but it’s and important part of growing and improving. So hold your head up high and allow yourself to take it all in.

Make the most of it. Maybe this will become the time and place you miss next.

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