What Should A Minimalist’s Living Space Look Like?

A lot of times, when I see minimalist living spaces online, there seems to be a somewhat common theme. The spaces tend to be pretty black and white – or mostly white. There isn’t much color in general or much art on the walls. And while there’s nothing wrong with that type of setting, it’s not the only option for minimalists.

Minimalism in art can refer to a decreased amount of color and decor. The minimalist lifestyle, however, doesn’t require you to follow those rules. (In fact, there aren’t truly any rules in order for you to live a minimalist lifestyle.)

Personally, I live in a pretty colorful space with a lot of art on the walls.  I’ve almost always lived in rooms that had colorful walls – yellow, pink, purple, blue, etc. It’s what I’m used to. If that’s not your taste and you prefer to add color through the bedding, the art, or the furniture, that works, too. It’s completely up to you.

I like to decorate my living space with small trinkets or photos to help the place feel more like home. There’s nothing wrong with keeping items just because they make your space look more beautiful. Items can be considered useful if they inspire you or make you smile. Their purpose might be different than that of clearly necessary items, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get use out of them.

So whatever it is that you want your living space to look like, feel free to get creative and decorate. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to live somewhere beautiful, whether that means going with a monochrome look or a completely colorful one.

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