How to Speed Up Your Morning Routine

I’m not much of a morning person. Usually, I have a hard time just getting out of bed in the morning. This means I’m pretty slow at getting ready but also often end up sleeping longer than I should in the mornings. So I’ve learned a few ways to speed up my morning routine while still being efficient, and I’d like to share those tips with you.

Set up your outfit the night before. If you already know what you’re going to wear in the morning, you’ll spend a lot less time getting ready. It also helps to have a few go-to outfits for the times you forget to plan out what you’re wearing. If there are a few outfits that you already know you love and enjoy wearing, you won’t have to try on a ton of outfits while you’re still waking up.

Have several go-to outfits. Figure out what your favorite/go-to outfits are. If you have a few that you often wear and know feel right, you can wear these on the days where you didn’t plan anything out the night before or when you’re not feeling the outfit you did pick out. You don’t always have to mix and match. It’s okay to wear the exact same kinds of outfits over and over if that’s what works for you.

Go to bed on time. It’s easier to get up in the morning when your body is well-rested. And it’ll also be easier to get things done quickly. Instead of dragging your feet or only kind of accomplishing everything you’d hoped, you’ll be able to get through all your tasks quickly.

Have a standard makeup and hair routine. Figure out your signature look(s). Figure out what you like and what works for you and just stick to that. Of course, you can mix things up whenever you like, but it helps to generally stick to the same kind of routine. When you do want to try out something new, try it out in the evening first or on a weekend when you have more time to get ready before work, school, or whatever commitments you might have.

Avoid wasting time on your phone. It’s easy to just end up wasting time first thing in the morning, but save the scrolling for later on in the day. Even if you wake up at a good time, you can end up running late if you spend too much time on your phone.

Do as much meal prep as possible the night before. Figure out what you’ll eat for breakfast the night before. Set the timer on your coffee maker for the ideal time. If you plan on packing and taking a lunch with you, lay out what you can the night before. This way, you’ll be that much more efficient in the morning and won’t have to worry about making those decisions while you’re still waking up.

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