Decluttering Tips for New Minimalists

Start small. Small victories will help you feel accomplished and therefore help you stay motivated in the process. So start with some small areas that will be relatively easy to deal with. Choose a few drawers or maybe a bathroom to sort through. The ideal starting point will have quite a bit you want to get rid of and very little you feel sentimentally attached to.

Create deadlines. Determine when you should be done with the area you’re working on as well as the next and the one after that. Create a realistic timeline for yourself so you can stay accountable to yourself. You can also set aside specific hours of the day during which you’ll declutter. It shouldn’t be something you have to tackle over a short period of time, so feel free to spread it out and only work on decluttering during certain hours.

Give yourself a break. Don’t let yourself get too overwhelmed by the entire process. Cut yourself some slack, and allow yourself some time off when necessary. Decluttering is supposed to make your life better, not worse. If it starts to feel overwhelming, step back for a moment and do something else instead.

Do your research, but don’t compare yourself. Each person has their own version of minimalism, so yours won’t necessarily look like that of your favorite minimalist blogger or YouTuber. Sure, it can be helpful to see how others have taken up this lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean you need to do exactly as they do. Find out what your options are or how other people have dealt with the whole decluttering process, but don’t try to mold yourself to match someone else’s lifestyle.

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