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Why You Should Have a Bucket List

I’ve always had a mental list of things I’d like to do and places I’d like to go at some point during my life. About a year ago, though, I actually wrote out a bucket list, and I’ve since crossed off a few items. This list contains places I want to travel, sights I want to see, and things I’d like to try out.

After creating this list, I think everyone should write down their own bucket list as well. Here are some reasons why:

It’s a reminder to go on adventures. You know how sometimes you think of things you’d like to try out someday that are a little bit out of character? This serves as a way to keep all those ideas in mind and maybe actually go through with them. It’ll remind you that you really do want to go skydiving or cliff jumping or whatever. You’ll be able to go through with more of those activities if you write them down.

You’ll be able to push yourself out of your comfort zone. A lot of the items on my bucket list are things I’ve always thought about doing but don’t necessarily see myself pulling off. Seeing the items written down, though, reminds me that I’m serious about wanting to try these activities or places or reach these goals at least once in my life.

You’ll see yourself grow. Now that I’ve crossed off a couple items from my bucket list, I’m able to look back and notice that certain items are getting crossed off my list. I can see the progress and see the way I’ve pushed myself to try new things, and I can also think back to those moments and have the memories to hold onto.

So if you don’t have a bucket list written down, I encourage you to start one out and start working through it. Let me know what items you have on your list!

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