How to Curate an Effortless Wardrobe

One big advantage to having a smaller wardrobe is that it’s often so much easier to figure out what to wear in the morning. The reason for this is that a smaller wardrobe means that you wear everything regularly and therefore you know which pieces work together and how they fit you.

But at the beginning, it can be tricky to know which pieces can help or hurt your wardrobe. You might not know early on how to put multiple outfits together from less pieces of clothing. So here are a few tips and a few ideas on how to get started on curating an effortless wardrobe that works for you.

Find your personal style. Just because you like how it looks on a mannequin or on someone else doesn’t mean you’ll like wearing it. Find your own aesthetic and stick to it. Most people have a preference when it comes to colors, patterns, and types of pieces they would wear. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Once you figure out what types of clothing you’re most comfortable wearing and look best on you, you’ll have a much easier time shopping for new clothing as well.

Find your colors. This is kind of along a similar line, and it can make a huge difference. When you’re getting rid of clothes or taking note of what you do and don’t wear, you’ll likely notice that you have a tendency to gravitate toward certain colors. Focus on those, and base the rest of your wardrobe around the same colors. Even with less clothing, you’ll be able to create a variety of outfits because everything will match.

Work with what you have. There’s a danger of decluttering too much and then starting over only to end up with some of the same pieces you already had. Figure out if you can make what you have work, and use what you have for as long as possible.

Choose good basics. These are the pieces that you’ll be able to plan your outfits around and that you’ll likely wear most often. A good pair of jeans, a couple versatile tops, and a neutral-colored jacket are just a few examples. Make sure first that you have the essentials before adding items to your wardrobe that will be worn less often.

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