Decluttering Wardrobe

Tips for Ethically Decluttering Your Wardrobe

When you start to declutter, it can be easy to simply throw all the items you don’t want or need anymore into boxes and bags before hauling them over to the nearest thrift store. But sometimes that might not be the best solution. When you’re decluttering, think about the next life for the items you’re getting rid of. Where will they continue to get the most use or serve the best purpose? And is there any way that they might continue to serve a purpose for you? Here are a few options to think about when you’re planning to declutter items.

Repair. There are a lot of small ways pieces of clothing can start to fall apart. Sometimes a button comes undone or a piece of the hem starts to wear down. These are easy fixes. Instead of donating or tossing these sorts of items, consider spending the five or ten minutes it’ll take to fix these tiny details.

Repurpose. Sometimes you’re able to use items as something other than what they were originally meant for. You can use t-shirts as rags or turn the ones you still want to hold onto into a quilt. You can also spruce up a piece of clothing when you simply want to mix it up. You can cut up shirts or turn pants into shorts. Just be careful as you make these changes. Pinterest is usually a great place to look for inspiration if this is the direction you want to go.

Recycle. Sometimes you’ll have clothes that no one else is going to want. Whether it’s too worn down or too specifically yours, there are some items that just don’t need to make their way to the thrift store. Shirts you got for free at events, anything personalized, and anything beyond repair would fall into this category. When that’s the case, find a place near you that takes clothing items for recycling. Sometimes there are bins available, or thrift stores often take those items. Just make sure you do drop them off at the right place.

Rehome. Instead of dropping off items at the thrift store, you can have friends or family go through the clothes you’re getting rid of to see if there’s anything they’d like to keep. This will help you make sure these items don’t end up just sitting in a thrift store rack forever, and it’ll be a good way to encourage the people around you to declutter as well as use secondhand clothing.

Do you have any special ways you declutter? Feel free to leave those in the comments.

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