Avoiding Clutter From Hobbies

When you’re trying to figure out how to spend your time, think about the clutter that will come into your life through those hobbies or activities. I’m not saying to give up the things that you enjoy doing. Rather, think about how much you’ll actually use the items you bring into your life because of a new hobby. Be mindful about what you bring into your life as you try out new activities or continue learning about old ones.

Here are a few tips that can help you keep from bringing too much clutter into your life due to hobbies.

If it’s no longer a hobby, get rid of the supplies. Sometimes we let go of hobbies, and that’s okay. But if you’re going to do this, get rid of the supplies that go along with that hobby as well. There’s no reason to hold onto stuff you’re no longer planning on using. Maybe a friend or a family member will get use out of what you no longer use.

Buy items as you run out, not as you find new options. It’s so easy to buy items just because they’re on sale or in a different color than what you already have. But if you don’t need something, there’s no reason to purchase a spare. Wait until you’re at least close to running out or needing a new one of whatever it is.

Don’t purchase more than what you’ll need. When items break or get worn down, you can purchase more. On a similar note, start off by purchasing only as much as you need. If you only need two of something, buy those two. And wait to buy more until those two get worn down or until they run out.

Get organized with what you have. That way, you’re aware of what you already own and don’t end up with duplicates. When you can easily find every supply you already own, you’ll exactly what you own and what you might need or want to replace.

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