Decluttering Wardrobe

Effortlessly Declutter Your Wardrobe

Flip your hangers around. Once you’ve worn items, hang them back up the normal way. After a couple months, whichever items are still facing the opposite direction are obviously the ones you’re not really wearing. Keep in mind to avoid getting rid of items that aren’t in season. Just because you haven’t worn your jacket in between June and July doesn’t mean you won’t in November.

Challenge yourself to use less clothing items for a short period. Once you’ve tried out only wearing ten pieces of clothing for ten days (10 x 10 challenge) or wearing 33 items or less for three months (333 challenge) you’ll have more of an idea of how you feel with a smaller wardrobe. And that could end up serving as motivation to get rid of some more pieces.

Anytime you wear something ill-fitting or uncomfortable, set it aside. Don’t put those items back in your closet. Instead, start up a box or a pile somewhere for these types of items. If you find that you’ll sometimes grab a shirt but then change into something else, get rid of it. You’re not actually wearing it anywhere, so why bother holding onto it?

Get rid of items that don’t match the rest of your wardrobe. You know that piece that you love but can’t pair with anything else? It doesn’t really match your aesthetic, so you never end up wearing it. Anytime you come across those kinds of items, set them aside with the pieces that don’t fit you well. Every week or so, take these items somewhere to donate or give away.

Do a clothing swap with friends. This can be a fun and encouraging way to get rid of more clothing. Perhaps in your declutter you’ll notice a couple of items are missing from your wardrobe. In exchanging clothes with friends, you might be able to bring some new items into your wardrobe that fill some of those holes. If you don’t want to bring any new items in, you could always just offer some of what you’re getting rid of to your friends.

As always, keep in mind that there’s no rule about how much clothes you should own as a minimalist. Declutter at your own pace and as you see fit. Your version of decluttering won’t look like mine, and that’s okay.

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