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5 Tips for Dealing with Homesickness

If you’ve been following my past few posts, you know that I’ve recently moved states. I used to live in Texas, and I was there for the past ten years, but now I’m spending the year in Washington. I might move back after this, I might stay here, or there’s the possibility that I’ll go somewhere else entirely.

And while I’m growing more accustomed to being here and I’m settling into my new living space, I do often feel homesick. So I thought I’d share with you some tips for dealing with that homesickness.

Get to know the places around you. The more you get to know the area, the more comfortable you’ll be going out and knowing what there is to do in your new town. Feel free to get out and explore. Try out new restaurants, look for coffee shops, or find a hiking trail where you can spend time in nature. Whatever you enjoy doing, try to find something that meets your interests.

Create a routine for yourself. Since I don’t have close friends or housemates to call me up and make plans, it’s easy for me to get lazy on going out, even for errands. But creating a schedule has always helped me keep track of all the personal errands and fun outing I’d like to do on any given week. Figure out on which days you’d like to go to the grocery store or when you’ll go to the gym. If you give yourself a reason to go out (other than work) you’re more likely to start enjoying living in this new place.

Talk to strangers. Don’t be creepy about it, and make sure you’re safe. But there’s nothing wrong with making small talk with the people around you when you’re out running errands or hanging out in a coffee shop. If you mention you’re new in town, they might even have suggestions of restaurants to try out or places to go. These interactions might not lead to friendships, but you’ll get to know more about the culture and vibe of the place you’ve moved to.

Write letters to the people you miss. Not only does this allow you to put a smile on the face of the people you love who are far away. It also allows you do something that’s a bit therapeutic. Writing down your thoughts and feelings can really help you figure out what exactly it is that you’re feeling. Just make sure to remember that person will actually read the letter once you mail it. And you might even get a couple letters back.

Call your friends and family, especially when you’re doing well. Sure, it’s okay to call them when you’re feeling particularly homesick. But also call when you’re loving your new job or after a particularly good day. That way they can remind you of all the things you are enjoying about where you are.

However you deal with being homesick, don’t forget that there are people who love you, even if they’re currently pretty far away. Also, don’t forget to make the most of your current adventure. You might miss it once it’s over.

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