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On Work and Personal Growth

About a year ago, I had my last day at my first job after college. I lasted there less than a year. It was always understood that it would be temporary, but in some ways it felt like a bit of a failure. I didn’t know yet what came next.

I celebrated that day, despite the uncertainty. It felt like a victory, like an adventure. I spent the next few months submitting resumes and articles to different companies and publications, hoping something would work out soon.

I spent a lot of this time figuring out what kind of person I wanted to be. I got a chance to see what I would do if I had all the time in the world. I learned to make new dishes, I got to catch up with friends, I decluttered my bedroom, and I learned what I was willing to live without.

Those months were so important to me. I grew, I changed, and I got a bit of a break before jumping back into the workforce.

Several months later, I found out about two pretty viable job possibilities at almost the exact same time. One would have been much more stable, providing me with a two-year contract. And it would have been close to home. The other would only last two months, and the pay was much lower than two months at the other job. The first was a marketing position, and the second was the position of media director at the summer camp I had worked at my first couple summers of college.

I received a job offer from the camp on the same day I scheduled an interview with that company. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but I did know I wanted to pray hard about my decision. There were so many times when I could’ve prayed for God’s guidance when it came to job offers and didn’t. I wanted this to be different.

In the end, I worked at camp. I accepted the job before hearing back and finding out that I hadn’t gotten the marketing job after all. It was just a couple weeks after arriving that I received my next offer. This was for a one-year position at a Christian boarding school. I accepted the offer.

The school provides food and boarding as well as a monthly stipend. It’s not a high-paying position, but it’s where I saw God leading me. Despite how far away I am from home and how difficult it can be at times,  I still believe God led me in this direction.

I’ve been taking it all step by step. I don’t know what I’ll do after this year is over. I might end up in another state again, or maybe I’ll find work close to home. Whatever happens, I want God to lead the way. And I want to be happy more than I want a large paycheck. I want to know that I’m doing good work and making a difference in some way.

The last year of my life has taught me so much. Wherever I end up one year from now, I know I’ll have these memories and lessons to hold onto. 


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