Money & Shopping

Items I Always Purchase (Without Regrets)

While I’ve been trying to spend less money in the past year and hopefully slowly save up (I haven’t exactly had a large income in the last almost-year), that hasn’t kept me from spending money on items and events that I genuinely enjoy. If it brings me joy, provides me with fun memories, or makes my life easier, I’ll buy it with no regrets. Here are a few of the items that just about always make the cut.

Stationery, stamps, and other letter-writing utensils. One of my favorite things ever is writing letters to my friends. While I could just communicate with them over the phone, there’s something so special and therapeutic about writing letters. And I know people love getting personalized mail as well. So I don’t mind spending some money on postage, paper envelopes, and whatever else I end up using to add some character to the letters (and occasionally care packages) I send out.

Concert tickets. I’m a big fan of live music, and there are so many bands I hope to see live at some point. So if I can afford it, I’ll do my best to go to concerts I know I’d enjoy. I don’t buy merch if I know all I can afford is the actual concert. But it’s such an incredible experience to be a room full of people who all love the same kind of music as much as I do.

Paint, canvases, and other tools for my creative endeavors. Creating something with my hands is one of my favorite things to do. I love painting or coloring or trying out DIY projects. I try not to buy things unless I know I have a purpose for them, but as long as I do I’ll definitely put my money toward new crafting supplies. It’s worth it if I get to do something I love because of it.

A weekend getaway or day trip. Sometimes it can be so refreshing to step away from everyday life and get a bit of a break. Like I said, my income hasn’t been that significant in the past year or so. Therefore, I haven’t been able to afford much as far as vacations go. But sometimes I’d drive just a couple hours with friends to get away for the day or for a weekend. Crashing at a friend’s can also make it a lot more affordable. While I love traveling, I do my best to cut back as many of the expenses that come from it as possible.


These are the items and activities I personally enjoy putting my money into. Your list is most likely going to be different from mine, even if we have an item or two in common. But even when you’re saving up or simply trying to spend less money, it helps to know what you won’t regret purchasing. So try to think about some of the items you always enjoy purchasing. And feel free to let me know in the comments.

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