How Decluttering Has Simplified My Life

I talk a lot about decluttering. How to do it, what you should get rid of, what I’ve gotten rid of… And while I’ve talked about it before, I’d like to go back to why I’ve been decluttering and what it is about owning less that is so appealing today. So today I’m sharing with you a few ways that decluttering has truly simplified my life.

Packing in general is easier. Packing for a move or extremely long trip is definitely more manageable. I go wherever I find work, and these are temporary changes in location so far. This means that I’m not permanently moving away but that I basically need to pack up like I am (minus the furniture and kitchen utensils). Owning less things means there’s less to pack and that the items I know what I really care about having with me.

It’s easier to save because there are less things I care about purchasing. I think carefully before bringing new items into my life, which means I end up spending less money. There are a lot of items I’ve talked myself out of purchasing in the past few months. These are items I would’ve probably enjoyed for a brief moment before forgetting about them or storing them out of sight, so I’m glad I’m more careful about how I spend my money.

Keeping items organized is so much easier. Even with less space, it’s mostly been easy to find a spot for everything I own. And even when my living space gets a little messy, it’s not that hard to clean it back up.

Figuring out what to wear takes less time. Believe it or not, it’s easier for me to get dressed in the morning now that I own less clothes. That’s because I regularly wear everything I own. This means I know which pieces work together, how each skirt, dress, or shirt fits me, and I know that I actually like everything in my closet. And if I find that I don’t, I get rid of it and move on.

Now, I’m not saying I only want to earn 100 things or that I want everything I own to fit into one suitcase. I don’t see that happening anytime soon. But having less and being more intentional about what I bring into my life has been so beneficial to me.

Have you ever gotten rid of something and realized it made your life easier not to have it? Let me know in the comments.


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