Decluttering My Life & Thoughts

Why Sentimental Items Are So Important to Me

If you know anything about me from reading this blog, it’s that I like to keep my life and possessions pretty decluttered. While I try to let go of as much as I can and only hold onto the items that I believe truly add value to my life in some way, I also can get pretty sentimental. And this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, I find that associating certain items in my life to particular people or events can help me when I’m in new places or situations.

In the past few months, I’ve changed locations a couple times. I spent two months in one place, and now I’m in another until the beginning of June. These kinds of transitions, while they have fully been my decision, are pretty hard on me. And it’s a little easier on me when I can remind myself that I have friends and family who love me, even if they’re not closeby.

This is why sentimental items play an important part of my life. While I don’t like to hold onto too many items and don’t get attached to absolutely everything I own, there are some items that help me feel more at home.

I have a binder full of cards and letters I’ve received from friends over the years. I have tons of photos that I hang up wherever my living space happens to be. I also have mugs that have been given to me as gifts. (Bonus: These serve an actual purpose.)

Wherever I go, my living space looks roughly the same. Sure the room is different and so are the people, but the items that remain constant help me feel more at home.

Currently I’m living in Washington state. Odds are I won’t stay here for more than a year, but who knows? Being here, in a place that’s so new to me and so far away from home, it helps to have my stuffed animals, photos and familiar decorations. I know it might seem a little odd, but I’ve found it really helps.

What about you? Is there anything you’ve done in the past to feel more at home when you’re in a new place?

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