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How to Keep in Touch with Friends

There are many times in life when we get split up from friends. And I don’t mean that we fight and stop talking for a while. I’m talking about the times where all our close friends are too far away to make it possible to hang out. It can be hard to be away from friends. We can start to wonder if the friendship is still there or if we’ve grown apart. Or we can simply start to feel lonely.

That’s why I’d like to share with you some tips to help you keep in touch with friends who are far away.

Know the other person’s general schedule. Having at least a vague idea of when your friend is busy or free will help you know when it makes sense to call or expect a text back. You might have very different schedules from each other, so knowing this can be a reminder that your friend isn’t ignoring you. You’re simply free to talk at different times of the day.

Let the other person know when you’re thinking of him or her. Even if all you can do is send a short text, let your friend know you miss him or her and can’t wait to be reunited. It’s a small gesture that will likely make the other person’s day and will serve as a reminder that you’re still friends.

Write each other letters. Getting something in the mail that’s personal can be such a good feeling. So go old school and write a couple letters to your friends during your time apart. And maybe they’ll write you back too, which will also feel so great.

Make video calls a common practice. Sometimes you might need to not only hear your friend’s voice but also see his or her face. People can feel really far away when you’re only texting or very rarely calling each other. By doing video calls, you get to really notice who it is you’re talking to.

Of course, the most important thing is communication. Talk things out with your friend if you’re not happy with how frequently (or infrequently) you’ve been communicating. Each friendship is different, so make sure to keep that in mind as you work to stay in touch with friends who are far away.


  1. With summer break coming around, I try to catch up with as many high school friends as possible, but your post makes me realize that it’s not just about meeting each other face to face, but also the small moments of meeting up virtually or from a distance that matter too. Sweet post, I love the way you write and how simply you phrase things. Love love love!


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