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7 New Activities to Try out This Summer

Summer is a time when people like to get out and try new things, maybe take a few trips, or just hang out with friends. It’s a time when most people are up for an adventure. But if you’re anything like me, you might not have that much money to make something fun and adventurous happen.

So here are a few ideas of things you could do this summer. Some of these might be a somewhat regular part of your life, but the ones that aren’t will help you mix things up without hurting your wallet too much.

Take a bicycle ride. Either find a nice trail or take a ride around town. Either way, you get some exercise and get to enjoy a bit of fresh air as well. And as long as you have a bike, this shouldn’t cost you anything. Depending on where you live, you might be able to rent a bike for a pretty good price if you don’t have one.

Go on a picnic around sunset. Maybe you can get together with a couple friends and all pitch in for the food. It’ll give you a chance to spend some time outside when the sun isn’t too bright. And it’ll make eating dinner a bit more of an event.

Have a game night with your friends. You don’t always have to go out when you’re spending time with your friends. Ask everyone to pitch in with a snack or two and maybe bring their favorite game (unless you already have all the game you plan on playing). It can be so much fun to sit around and play a few games with friends.

Find a DIY project to try. These can be pretty inexpensive, depending on what you need for it. If it’s something you can do as a group, you can split the cost with a couple of friends. Otherwise, find a project that you already have supplies for. It’ll be something fun and different you can try out, and you’ll get to have something new in the process.

Try out some new recipes at home. And I don’t mean something basic. I mean try making something festive or something you might not have considered making from scratch before. Think big, and then look up some recipes to figure out how to make whatever you decide on. And if it doesn’t turn out all that great, you can always keep trying.

Find out where the free events are. Some parks will have movie nights during the summer. Then there are gyms that hold free yoga classes once a week. Or there might be a free concert somewhere. Do some research about what’s going on around you, and attend the events that interest you.

Go to an open mic or karaoke night. Sometimes restaurants or coffee shops will host these about once a month. If there’s a place like that near you, either go for the entertainment or to participate. Either way, it’s a pretty inexpensive way to spend an evening hanging out and being entertained.

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