5 Spaces You Might Have Forgotten to Declutter

This post is for anyone who’s been trying to declutter the spaces around them. Maybe you’ve already gone through some of the more obvious stuff like your closet or your work space. But here are some of the spaces you might have forgotten about decluttering and reorganizing.

The glove compartment. I have a terrible tendency of sticking receipts or random pieces of paper in there and forgetting all about them. If you’re anything like me, you should go through your glove compartment, see what’s in there, and clear out as much as possible. If there are any other spots in your car where you often store, go through those as well.

The storage area under any sink. I don’t know why, but any storage space under a sink always seems to get messy and disorganized. So go through that space. Figure out if there’s anything there you can throw out and/or a better way you can organize the items you’d like to keep down there.

Your sock drawer. I mention this because it’s so easy to end up with socks that don’t have a match or that are too old and worn down. So even if you’ve decluttered your clothing, make sure to not only go through your sock drawer but also double check any other drawers and spaces where you might keep clothing you should get rid of.

The random boxes in the back of your closet. Even if you’ve decluttered your clothing, it’s possible you didn’t go through everything that was in your closet. Ignore the clothes now that you’ve already gone through that, but see if there are any random items in there that you might have missed before. If you have any boxes or bags where you keep items stored, go through those and figure out if there’s anything you want to get rid of.

Anything out of sight. Do you have any places where you often store items just to keep them hidden and out of sight? Go back through those places. Get rid of what you don’t want anymore, and find a new, permanent storage spot for the items you choose to keep.

These are just a few ideas of spots you might have missed while decluttering the spaces around you. If you have any other ideas, feel free to share them in the comments.

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