What I’ve Been Wearing: Spring 2017

It always seems to me that spring lasts all of three seconds before we start talking about summer and pretending that it’s already here. That’s probably why I’m writing this post earlier than I normally write my “What I’ve Been Wearing” post of the season.

If you’ve seen my other “What I’ve Been Wearing” posts, you’ve noticed I have a tendency to repeat items throughout the seasons. That’s actually one of my favorite things about having a smaller wardrobe.

More color

Something else you might notice is that I’m wearing more color this time around. I always have some color in my wardrobe, but with spring I like to have color be a more consistent part of my everyday wardrobe.

Light Layers

Spring is definitely a time when layers are still appropriate. I love being able to add some light layers to my outfits in order to spruce them up and make more outfits. This is a time of the year where I could just wear a tank top or a dress without anything over it, but adding that second layer gives me more diversity within my now-smaller wardrobe.

All the Dresses

I love wearing dresses casually, which means I’ll often wear them with flip flops or a pair of sneakers. Spring is a particularly great time for wearing dresses casually because everything feels worth dressing up for – at least to me.  

Shorts and a T-shirt

This is the most basic spring outfit possible, which means it can end up being really casual and unimpressive. However, there are still ways to make this outfit a little different or special. Adding a light cardigan or wearing a more unique pair of shorts can spruce up this outfit easily.

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