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6 Items You Should Have in Your Carry-On

Today, I’d like to share with you my thoughts and tips about what you should have with you in your personal bag when you’re travelling on an airplane. What I’m referring to is which items you’ll want to have in your personal bag either to use during the flight or to avoid putting these items in a checked bag.

Depending on the length of the flight and your own personality, these might not all be useful to you on a flight. But these should give you an idea of what to pack the next time you’re flying.

A snack. Odds are pretty good you’ll get hungry at some point during your trip. Not only do you have the flight, but you’ll also be waiting at the airport for a bit beforehand. Even if you’re on a flight that will include a meal, you should still have a small snack with you. If possible, bring something along instead of buying something at the airport – especially if all you want is something small.

Entertainment. This could mean a coloring book, a laptop, an iPod, a book to read, or something else. Whatever you pack, though, make sure it’s actually something you find entertaining. Don’t pack something you’re not sure about. You might not use it, which will mean you just wasted space and time trying to experiment.

Your electronics. And I mean all the electronics you’ll have with you on the trip. If possible, avoid checking these items. Even if you don’t think you’ll use these during the flight, have them with you. Your camera, cell phone, laptop, tablet, and iPod should all be with you. It’s safer for you to have them at all times and for those items to avoid getting tossed around, which would happen if they got checked.

A set of earphones. Whether or not you choose to bring electronics on the flight, you should carry a pair of earphones with you. A lot of times you can watch a movie or listen to music that’s available on the plane using these. Or you can use these to avoid talking to the person sitting next to you. Either way, you should have some earphones on hand as an option.

Something to keep you warm. Whether you bring a warm jacket, a hoodie, or a blanket doesn’t really matter. The important thing is to have something warm that you’ll be okay with using. Planes have a tendency to get a little bit cold. So having something that can keep you warm can be really helpful in making you more comfortable.

Whatever you’ll need upon landing. If there’s an address or phone number you’ll need upon landing, make sure before getting on the plane that you have that information with you. If you need some cash or something else make sure to pack those items before getting to the airport. And lastly, make sure you check your seat and the space around you before getting off the plane to make sure you grabbed everything.

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