Decluttering Organization

Bathroom Decluttering and Organization Tips

I’ve always been the girl that creates bathroom clutter. All the tiny lotions, almost-empty shampoo bottles, miscellaneous beauty products, and (oddly enough) excessive amounts of floss have always made it difficult for me to keep a clean bathroom.

If you take a look at my bathroom now, though, it’s a lot cleaner and far more organized than what I’ve just described.

If you don’t have enough, add some storage space. There’s barely any space to place items down in my bathroom, let alone keep them stored. If this is the case for you as well, get creative. Add some storage space somehow, whether you add some shelves or get creative with some boxes.

Find a place for everything. Whether or not you have much storage space, make sure you keep items separated and well-organized. Don’t just throw items in a box, stick them under the sink, and be glad they’re out of sight. If you have drawers, you can use dividers to keep types of items in their own space. This is useful for makeup, toiletries, and just about anything that you’re likely to have multiples of.

Finish off items before buying new ones. For example, if you’ve managed to somehow end up with six different bottles of lotion, use those up before you let yourself add any new ones. You don’t need collections of the same type of product in your bathroom.

Get rid of what you don’t use. If you have a curling iron but you never curl your hair or six different hairbrushes, you have items you could get rid of. The first step to getting organized in any space is removing the items that don’t need to be there in the first place.

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