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5 Basic Packing Tips

With summer coming up, it’s very likely you’re planning a trip or two in the next couple months. So I’ve decided to share with you some of my most basic tips for packing well no matter where it is you’re going.

Make a list ahead of time. If you know me, you know how much I love making lists to keep myself organized. I really find it to be so helpful when I’m trying to avoid forgetting tasks or items. In this case,  a list can be helpful when you have a lot to worry about packing. My suggestion is to make a list before you start putting anything into your suitcase.

This makes more sense for longer trips, but maybe you’d like to apply it to shorter ones as well.

In your list, include which toiletries you need to pack as well as how many pieces of each clothing items to pack. You don’t need to write down which pieces of clothing you’re taking, but you should know the amount of everything you intend to pack.

Pick a color scheme. Sticking to clothing that all works together will make it easier to mix and match whatever you’re going to wear. Instead of planning out the specific outfits you’re going to wear, you can simply choose a color scheme and make sure that anything you pack can be worn more than one way.

Find out what the weather will be like. I’ve made the mistake before of packing before checking the weather, and it’s not fun to guess incorrectly. So make sure you check what the weather predictions are so you can pack accordingly.

Wear your heaviest items while traveling. This one is especially useful if you can’t take a lot with you. If you’re travelling by yourself in your own car, this probably won’t make much difference. If you’re trying to only take carry-on luggage with you when you’re flying, this can help you pack a few extra items. Keep in mind that whatever big items you wear on the way there you should also plan to wear on the way back, though.

Organize items vertically. This almost feels like a bit of a trend now, especially within the minimalist community. However, the truth is that this process is really helpful. Folding items this way provides more space and allows you to see everything at once.

What are some of your own packing tricks and tips? Share them with me in the comments.

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