Reusing vs. Recycling

When we’re talking about ways to help out the environment, recycling will pretty much always come up. And it makes sense that recycling is considered to be important because getting as many uses out of an item as possible seems like a great way to avoid letting items end up in landfills (at least right away. Instead of letting things end up in a landfill where they’ll sit for possibly hundreds of years, you can give them a second life.

At the same time, though, we live in a world where just about everything has a disposable option. This means new items are constantly produced, used once, and then thrown away to never be used again. And a lot of those items aren’t even recyclable, so giving them another life isn’t an option.

I get it. It’s so much easier to just throw items away in the closest trash bin. It doesn’t take much thought or effort, and at least it’s not littering. But there are other options out there.

Instead of living a life full of disposables, it’d be great, if we could use just one item for a long time. Water bottles and coffee cups are a great example of this. If you get one water bottle for yourself, you can fill it up pretty much anywhere and still have water whenever you need it.

Yes, recycling is good, but reusing is better. And I’m not talking about reusing something that’s meant to be disposable. I’m talking about something that is good quality and will last you more than a few uses. These items are worth investing in because they’ll keep you from using items that will get thrown away after just a few uses at best.

So where do you start? Figure out which items you tend to dispose of most frequently, and find an item that will help you out in that department. I’ll be creating more posts about this subject as well, so you can always take a look at my posts on being eco-friendly.

For now, make one change that will help out the environment. Every step counts.


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