How to Find Your Style

Takes some notes. Write down the sorts of activities you do in any given week, what sort of clothes wear most often, and what outfits make you feel most comfortable. This will give you a sense not only of what you want your wardrobe to have in it but also what it should include.

Choose a color scheme. You don’t need to only stick to two or three colors, but figure out which colors you do or don’t like wearing. It helps to look at the clothes you wear most often and which colors you tend to lean toward.

Share your personality through your wardrobe. Don’t try to become someone you’re not by dressing a certain way. Instead, choose clothes you know could easily become go-to pieces for you. If you like wearing bright colors, stick to that. If your favorite thing is to wear a dress almost every day, include a lot of dresses in your wardrobe. Figure out what you like, what you’re comfortable with, and what shows off your personality. Then turn your wardrobe into all of those things, and get rid of anything that doesn’t fit within that.

Make sure to think about your lifestyle. The way you want to dress and the way you need to dress might be a little bit different. But even if you need to dress a way you’re not used to, you can still find your own style within that.

Use Pinterest for inspiration. If you’re transitioning into a new part of your life or a new type of job, use Pinterest to get a sense of what sort of clothes you like that will fit this new phase of your life. Make sure to stick to outfits you’d actually wear and that work for your color scheme. Then when you go shopping or try to put some new outfits together, you have some idea of what sort of clothes you like.

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