5 Ways to Have a More Eco-Friendly Kitchen

Use cloth rags instead of paper towels. A bonus benefit from this will be that you’ll save money because you don’t need to buy new rags as often as you need to buy more paper towels. The down side to paper towels is that you can’t recycle them once they’ve been used and they can only be used once. Anything with that short of a lifespan hurts the environment.

And if you really want to do your best to give items as long a lifespan as possible, recycle old rags once they’re not able to serve their purpose. That way, they’ll be able to turn into something else and have a new use for someone else.

Compost your produce scraps if possible. Letting compostable items end up in the landfill is hurting the environment. By allowing those items to decompose, you can enrich the soil and use that to create more produce. In a landfill, they’ll never be able to fully decompose.

If you live somewhere with a backyard, you can compost the items yourself. Otherwise, you might be able to find a place to drop off items to be composted once a week or so. If that’s the case, it can help to keep the scraps you’ll be getting rid of in the freezer until you can drop them off.

When shopping, take reusable bags. You can use large canvas bags for all your groceries and smaller mesh or cotton bags for produce and items from the bulk section. This will cut down the amount of plastic you bring into your life. Even if you often reuse those bags for trash or something else, you won’t need as many when you’re producing far less trash in the first place.

Buy what you can in glass instead of plastic. Glass can be endlessly recycled, or you can reuse it in your own kitchen. Either way, it’s much more eco-friendly than plastic. If you want to buy items in bulk using cloth bags, you can reuse those glass containers and store your items there.

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