How to Stay Productive When You’re Not Motivated

Recently, I’ve been having a hard time staying motivated. I just want to stay in bed late and watch TV all day, but obviously I can’t do that. So I thought this might be a good time to talk about how I stay productive even when I’m not feeling all that motivated. So here are some tips that you might want to try out the next time you’re feeling unmotivated.

Switch up your routine. If you find that you’re getting bored or restless, you might just need to change things up. That can be something as small as changing where you’re sitting while you work or switching to a different project temporarily. It doesn’t have to be a drastic change. Even the smallest changes can be helpful.

Get the smaller stuff done first. If you’re feeling a lot of pressure from a certain project, break it down into smaller steps, and get the small stuff out of the way. If you’re overwhelmed by a long to-do list, get the easy, simple stuff done first. That way, you’ll be able to quickly check off a lot of items and concentrate more easily on the bigger tasks.

This method works when you don’t want to do anything because you’re only taking a few minutes per task at first. That’s what gets the momentum going.

Clear up your work space. If you’re working in a cluttered space, it might affect the way that you work. Quickly go through your items and get reorganized. A cleaner space will likely allow you to think more clearly. Plus, the process of cleaning up means you get to take a short break.

Work in spurts. If the idea of working for a long period of time is what’s getting you down, give yourself chunks of time during which you need to stay productive. For example, sometimes when I don’t feel motivated but there’s a project I need to finish, I’ll set a timer for thirty minutes and tell myself to at least focus for that amount of time. Then, when the alarm goes off, I often  find I’ve gotten into what I’m working on and want to keep going.

The point is to get started, even if all you’re able to do are the smaller tasks. Sometimes you’ll have off days where you don’t really feel like getting much done, and that’s okay. Do what you can. Start somewhere. And then try again tomorrow.

How do you stay productive when you’re not really feeling it? Leave any additional tips in the comments.

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