What I’ve Been Wearing: Winter, Where You At? 2017

This year’s winter has been so strange. I guess that’s part of what happens when living in this part of Texas. Some days it’s so warm that wearing shorts is the most comfortable option, while others days I’m in a sweater and still feeling a little bit chilly.

I’ve stopped worrying about dressing for the winter season and have put more focus on experimenting with my outfits. So here are some of the outfits I’ve enjoyed wearing during this ever-strange weather


I’ve worn shorts with a sweater quite a bit before, but I’ve been doing it even more recently and have even come up with some new combinations. If it’s a little bit on the cooler side, then I can wear leggings with the shorts. If the weather is on the warmer side, I might not have to wear a sweater. Sometimes I opt for a cardigan instead.


These are pretty typical working-from-home outfits for me. Most days I instantly change after getting out of bed, even though I work from home and don’t necessarily have anywhere to be. This type of outfit is comfortable but also looks nice enough that I feel like I’m dressed for work. (Granted, I wouldn’t dress like this if I were heading off to work in an office, but it’s good for home.)


This is one of my favorite dresses to wear, and I’ve been using it a lot on the cooler days. I like changing up the shoes, leggings, and scarves I’ll wear with this dress, and I can try so many different combinations since it’s a neutral color.

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