Creating a Space for Every Activity

I’ve been working hard to create a space for everything that I own. That way, I know where to find everything and I know where it goes after using it. I’ve started applying this same mindset now to spaces as well. I like to know which activities I do in which spaces. It allows me to more quickly get into the right frame of mind.

I’ve come to learn that having a separate space for working and relaxing is helpful to me because I know the sort of mindset I should have in that space.

Here are some examples:


My Work Area: This is the space where I work on my blog and my projects for clients. (I’m a freelance copywriter and social media manager.) When I’m in this space, the goal is for me to concentrate on whatever project I’m currently working my way through. I try really hard to use this space seriously and keep from getting sidetracked.

I try to keep additional distractions out of this area as much as possible and use my phone less when I’m in this area.


The “Chill” Area: It’s weird that my work space is in my living room because I also use my living room as the space where I chill and hang out. My work space faces away from my chill space, though, so that helps. In this space, I can do basically whatever I want. This is where I usually spend the time before and after working. I’ll read, watch TV or YouTube videos, paint, or hang out with a friend.

My favorite thing about having a designated space for chilling is that I already know that if I’m sitting there it’s because it’s time to relax. I don’t feel as pressured in this space to be productive as I do when I’m sitting at my desk. This is why I know having designated spaces for different activities really works.


My Bed: I’ve struggled with sleeping problems in the past, so it’s a struggle sometimes for me to avoid reading or just hanging out on my bed. Still, I try to keep my bed as a space where I only sleep. This way, when it’s time for me to go to bed, my body already knows to go into resting mode.

What about you? Do you have designated spaces for anything? Let me know in the comments.

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