My Mindset for Time Management

Throughout the decluttering process, I’ve started to be aware of more than just my physical possessions. I’ve also started to put more thought into my what I spend my time doing, watching, and listening to.

I’ve already written before about how I’ve made some changes to the way I use my phone in order to prevent wasting time there. More recently, I’ve started to make some other changes that have helped me manage my time and be mindful of how I spend even my free time.

Here are some of the changes I’ve been working on making. I’m by no means perfect, but I’ve definitely seen the benefits in implementing these changes to my life. I hope they can be of benefit to you as well.

I  only watch one TV episode a night. I actually have a schedule for this, and it’s helpful to look at it every day as a reminder that I’m only supposed to watch one thing. There are a couple days that are empty because I either finished whatever I was watching on that day or because I never chose anything. On those days I’ll either watch a movie, catch up if my schedule got thrown off and I missed something, or I’ll watch some YouTube videos.I’m not perfect at this, but it helps to have that goal in mind already.

I don’t take my laptop to my bedroom at night. If I’m going to watch TV or YouTube right before bed, I do so in the living room. While I do love my bed, the couch is sufficiently comfortable. And then there’s less of a possibility that I’ll end up staying awake too late.

If it can get done in less than two minutes, I do it right away. I first heard of this idea from Gretchen Rubin, who wrote The Happiness Project. I love this idea because I often find that there are little things that annoy me multiple times but that would have only taken 30 seconds to fix.

I plan for the day the night before. Every night, I try to figure out what I should do, would like to do, and need to do the next day. Creating a to-do list the night before helps me be mentally prepared for the next morning. Mornings aren’t my favorite, so it helps to make some decisions the night before. I usually even pick my outfit the night before.

And yes, occasionally I don’t follow these rules. Things happen, and my routine gets thrown off, or I make a mistake. It’s okay, though, because even when I mess up I can still pick it back up the next day and try again. Keep this in mind as you try to implement some changes to your own life as well.

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