Keeping Color in a Small Wardrobe

I’ve been decluttering my wardrobe a lot over the past few months, getting rid of the pieces that no longer fit me or that I don’t actually like wearing. Something I’ve ended up realizing is that decluttering can often lead to having a not-so-colorful wardrobe. This is usually because it’s easier to create more outfits with less pieces if just about everything in your wardrobe is neutral.

While I have a tendency to lean toward blacks and greys mostly, I do often like to have the option of some other colors. While decluttering, I realized that if I wasn’t careful I wouldn’t have much of a variation in colors anymore.

I’ve been experimenting, and I’ve realized there are several ways to continue incorporating color into my outfits. Here are some ideas:

If you keep your main pieces neutral, you can add color in the smaller details of your outfit. Wearing a colorful scarf or colorful leggings will brighten up your outfit. The benefit of having a neutral main outfit and adding in some color is that those accessories can be swapped out for something completely different and still work.



It helps if you pick two or three colors to consistently focus your wardrobe around. This doesn’t mean every single piece you buy needs to be either neutral or one of these colors, but that will certainly make matching that piece with others a lot easier.

In my case, I tend to wear navy blue, mint green, and a peachy shade of pink a lot. I already owned a few pieces in these colors, so I decided those would be the non-neutral colors I’d focus on in my wardrobe. Including only a few colors in your wardrobe means that you’ll be able to add new pieces to your collection without wondering what you’ll be able to match with the new item.



Lastly, if you don’t care for having much color in your wardrobe but still want to have more than just solid blacks, whites, and grays, try playing around with different patterns and textures. This is a fun way to add personality to your wardrobe without having to worry about adding color.



I would recommend only focusing on one of these at first, depending on how much color you’d like to include in your wardrobe. Once you’ve really gotten into the decluttering process you’ll start to notice which colors you tend to lean toward and which you don’t often wear as much. This should give you an idea of how to manage your wardrobe better in the future – what you like and don’t like as much.

I hope you feel inspired and that you’ll try out one of these methods. Happy decluttering!


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