Packing Light: Some Tips

When I travel, I like to make the journey as easy for myself as possible, and this means traveling with as few things as possible while being comfortable. What you call traveling light might be different than what I do, but I hope you’re able to apply some of these tips the next time you travel. Here are a few ways I’ve learned to declutter my wardrobe when packing for a vacation.

Dress how you normally would. Make sure you pack clothes that are going to be comfortable for you and that you’re used to mixing and matching with other pieces. Unless you are going to a fancy event or to a place where you need to wear something specific, you will likely be dressing like yourself. Trips are not the time to try out new outfits, because you might not realize when packing what you’ll need or how they feel.

Stick to a specific color palette. This doesn’t mean you should stick to neutrals. The trick is to work with colors that will match each other. Keep this in mind especially when it comes to items you could wear more than once, such as shoes or a jacket. Make sure those types of items match everything you’re planning to wear throughout the trip.


Skimp where you can. There might be some items of clothing that you tend to wear multiple times before washing them, such as jeans or jackets. If you’re traveling for a week you don’t need a pair of jeans or a jacket for every day. Make sure, however, that you do pack enough socks and underwear, as these are items you should definitely be changing daily.

Fold everything very neatly. Doing a good job with folding will ensure that you’re able to see everything easily once it’s in the suitcase. This will make it easier to find items throughout the trip, and might also make it possible to go a size smaller on a suitcase than you had originally thought. However, keep in mind that having more space doesn’t mean you should pack more items.

Wear your largest items while traveling to your destination. This could include a puffy jacket, shoes, or anything else that might take up a lot of space. If you’re able to wear these larger items while traveling to and from your destination, this will save space in your suitcase.


Remember to keep your comfort in mind while traveling. Slowly travel with less items, and soon you will wonder why you were packing so many pieces of clothing or toiletries before.


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