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On Post-College Life, Self-Care, and Helping Others

At the beginning of 2016, I had no idea what the next 12 months would be like. I guess we never really know exactly how a year will turn out, but this time it was my first year not being a student. At least, my first time since pre-K of not formally being a student.

I was done with college one semester early, and I wasn’t sure what would happen next. It was a strange time in my life, and I guess this is how life will be for a while now. There is so much possibility, but also a lot of uncertainty.

I started my first job after college in the beginning of February. It was meant to be temporary, and I stayed until the end of September, when I decided it was time to move on. Ever since then I’ve been freelance writing and searching for the right full-time job.

The past year has brought with it several changes in my life, but the biggest one has been in the way I take care of myself. I can’t say I’m perfect in this area of my life, and I likely never will be. I have learned, though, how important it is to put myself first on occasion. I’ve learned what it takes for me to get through certain difficult or uncomfortable situations.

I now carry a coloring book with me at all times and often take my e-reader if I know I’ll be surrounded by people for a particularly long amount of time. I have a book I work on filling out after a particularly hard day. I allow myself to take the day off when I’m not doing particularly well, and I don’t (usually) feel the need to justify that.

I don’t feel like an adult yet. I’m not sure if I ever will, honestly. But I do know that I needed a year after college to recover from the craziness that has been life in general. This was my year of self-care. And now that I’m doing better in that department, I’m ready for a year of helping others, and hopefully a life where I do the same.

This year, I hope to be more aware of other people, their ups and downs, their good days and their bad. I want to be more aware of what’s going on with the people around me so I can help them if they need me. I want to learn to take care of myself in the midst of taking care of others.

While I might not have a full-time job yet or be “successful” in my chosen career path, I can say that I am definitely happy with where I am. I’m constantly learning and growing. What could be better than that?


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