What to Display in a Living Space

I’ve been working a lot toward having a minimal amount of belongings and making sure I really have enough space for everything. Because of this, I’ve been changing up my room a lot and putting a lot of thought into which items I choose to display or use as decoration. I’ve sort of created some guidelines to help me out in the process, and I think they might be helpful to you as well.

Only use items that truly bring you happiness as decoration. I know this one seems a little obvious, but sometimes we display certain paintings or portraits because we feel like we should. This might happen if the item was a gift or carries sentimental value for someone else. However, you are the one living in this space, and you should feel completely comfortable and at home when you’re looking around.

Keep in mind that this is about pieces for decoration, though. If you need to display items for the sake of work or organization, these don’t necessarily need to bring you joy, but they will very likely improve your life.

Don’t overpack spaces. If you have shelves where you keep frames, keep some space between them. If you have a bookcase for your books, do your best to keep it from getting too cramped. In other words, don’t bring more items into your home than are going to fit in the space available to you.

It’s okay to have a lot going on with your walls if that’s what makes you happy. Minimalism shouldn’t be a competition. It’s not about who is capable of having the least amount of stuff or the whitest living space. If you want to live in a colorful space, that is definitely okay. Create a space that works for you. If you find that having a lot of art or multiple photos on the walls causes the space to feel cluttered, though, keep your decorations minimal. It used to bother me when I had an empty wall, but now that I’ve created such an organized living space, I love having a couple empty spaces here and there.

A room that is nicely color coordinated feels more put-together. This doesn’t mean that everything needs to be the exact same color, but it’s important to think about whether or not pieces of art go with each other and with the other items in the room. I like to keep the colors in my room mostly pastel, but I have a vari1ety of colors that I use.

Reevaluate and then update from time to time. Every couple months or so I reevaluate the way my space feels and think about what I do or don’t like about it now that some time has passed. The changes I make aren’t always big ones. Sometimes I just update my photos or decide that a certain trinket needs a new home. Other times I make bigger changes, like the time I decided to add photos onto my bed frame.

Each person’s living space will look different. No matter what changes you decide to make in your own space, make sure they’re what you want and what makes your space feel like your onw.

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