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Think Good Thoughts: Road Trips, Smoothies, Friends, Etc.

This month has been a productive one and a fairly busy one. I’ve been learning a lot and doing all sorts of fun things. Here are some of favorite things I either learning, experienced, or started doing.

Road trips are always the best…

And this month I got to take a short trip for the long weekend with my brother. We went to visit some friends that are currently living a few hours away, and it was so much fun! We had some pretty great adventures together and also some fun downtime.

(Photos taken by/on my friend Daniel’s camera)





Smoothies have become my new obsession.

I’ve always liked smoothies, but it wasn’t until recently that I started drinking one just about every day. I’ve gotten pretty creative with them too. My favorite part of my morning routine is heading downstairs to make a smoothie.



Decluttering is clearing my mind.

My room looks so amazing now! I’ve always thought my room was pretty great, but now I know I’m happy with all my clothes and belongings. Finding what I’m looking for is so much easier. And lastly, it’s so much easier to keep a clean space when there are less things that need to fit in that space.



Podcasts keep me motivated.

I’ve been listening to some pretty great podcasts, guys. I’ve been particularly enjoying some that provide advice, information, and/or life improvement tips. Listening to a podcast gives me something different to think about while I’m cleaning or doing housework. I’ve found that I get tired of music after a while because I still feel like I’m by myself sorting through items I haven’t used in ages. With a podcast, I’m learning new information and/or being entertained while doing somewhat mundane work. I almost feel like I’m having a conversation because sometimes I’ll make comments while I’m listening.

Some of my favorites:

Ladies who Lunch

The Minimalists

Happier with Gretchen Rubin

Lists are key.

You’ve probably heard before that making lists helps you be more productive. Yes, it’s true, and that’s why I’m saying it again. It has really helped me to focus more on creating lists. I have one I keep at my work area that tells me what I need to get done throughout the day. There’s one on the inside of my closet with housework and errands I’d like to complete. And then I have a chalkboard I keep on a wall in my room where I have a list of daily goals.

I also always have lists of ideas for blog posts, things I’d like to buy, and a grocery list that I keep in either notebooks or on my phone.

Each list has a different purpose, so that’s why I keep different ones and why I keep them in different places. This system is currently working really well for me, so I’m happy about that.



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