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YouTubers I Find Inspiring

As you most likely know if you’ve been keeping up with this blog for the past month or so, I’ve been working on becoming a minimalist. It’s a hard process, and I often have a hard time letting go of things I know I don’t need or use. I have been finding inspiration from a lot of places and people, though.

Specifically, there are several YouTubers who discuss the importance of minimalism and share some of their struggles as they take on this journey. Here are a few of the accounts I often go to when I’m looking for a little inspiration and motivation about minimalism as well as some information.

FemmeHead, whose actual name is Victoria, talks about a lot of different topics that I find very interesting. She’s into the minimalistic lifestyle, tries to use products that are better for the environment, and eats a fully vegan diet. She also talks a lot about birth control and periods – which products she’s tried and which ones she no longer uses.

A lot of what she talks about is new information to me, and I love that she seems like a very humble person. She just wants to share her knowledge and help others understand different aspects of topics people don’t often discuss.

Sarah Nourse won’t ever actually refer to herself as a minimalist, but that’s the kind of lifestyle she strives to live. She and her husband spent a few years working really hard to get rid of any debt they had acquired, and then started saving up very intensely once they’d done so. Now that they’re out of debt and have saved all that money, they’ve moved to Switzerland and are planning on travelling for an indefinite amount of time.

Sarah talks about ways she saved up, items she decided to get rid of and keep, some beauty tips, and the experiences she’s having while travelling. I love her bubbly personality and her optimism. Watching her videos makes me feel as though it’s possible for me to take off and travel the world, as long as I’m smart with my money now.

The Girl Gone Green is a very new YouTuber, but I’m becoming a big fan of hers very quickly. She has a very outgoing and bubbly personality, so watching and listening to her always feels like a very positive experience. She’s into doing her best to help out the environment and also enjoys the minimalistic lifestyle. I find her perspective to be very interesting, and she’s doing her best to share information with the people around her and online. A pretty new goal of mine is to produce less waste, so watching her videos is very inspiring.

Exploring Alternatives is a channel that talks about different types of alternative living styles. For example, they show how people have moved into tiny houses, boats, vans, and even tents. I love seeing the kind of living situations people come up with and hearing about their reasons for trying those out. Although I’m not currently thinking about changing living situations, watching the videos on this channel does make me wonder what sort of living space I’ll have ten or twenty years from now.

P.S. I know the individual YouTube channels are all run by girls, and I’m sorry I didn’t include any run by a guy. I’ve only found a couple guys who have channels where they discuss minimalism, and I haven’t kept up with those. I guess I can relate to these YouTubers more, and that’s the reason I picked them.

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