Some Benefits of Decluttering

I’ve recently been looking into the minimalistic lifestyle and reading a lot on decluttering and downsizing one’s possession’s. From all this research I’ve done, I’ve found that there are a lot of benefits to having a clean living space. However, I didn’t really understand these benefits until I started to declutter my own space.

I deal some with anxiety in my day to day life. This translates into problems with sleeping and difficulty socializing from time to time. Cleaning actually helps me with my anxiety quite a bit, though. It’s given me a project that I can do on my own. This way I still feel productive and release some energy, even when I don’t feel like spending time with other people.

Currently, I’m only working part-time and freelancing a little bit on the side. This means that most days I set my own schedule, which can really make me feel unproductive or like I haven’t accomplished much. With this recent project, I’ve been able to see the fruit of my labor and even show it off to my family. My closet looks neater and much more organized as does my workspace at home.

I used to have a bunch of boxes and bags all around my room. I’m not really sure how that happened. I’ve been living in the same place for quite some time now, so it’s not like I just haven’t finished unpacking. I ended up finding a place for basically all of this stuff. There were also a lot of things I either threw away or recycled. My room feels a lot more spacious now. It’s not that it’s a small room. It just used to feel pretty cluttered. There isn’t much lying randomly on the ground now except a paper bag filled with other bags and my laundry basket, both of which I consider appropriate for the space.

This project also helped me finish setting up my work area. I had decided a while ago that it would be better if I moved my desk to the living room. This way I wouldn’t be in my room all the time and I could have a change of scenery between sleep and work. While I’d moved my desk a while back, I wasn’t fully satisfied until more recently. I fixed up my drawers, moved a bookcase next to the table I’m now using as a desk, and moved some additional items from my room to my work area. Fixing up my bedroom translated into fixing up my living room.

Once I finished with my bedroom, I moved on to rearranging other parts of the house. I’ve been on a roll for the past few days, and it makes me feel great. By sorting through everything in a particular closet or cupboard, I’m able to see what kinds of items we own, what doesn’t work anymore, and what would have been useful a couple weeks ago if I’d known we’d had it.

So far, decluttering has been a pretty great experience. I know not everyone thinks that cleaning or sorting through things is fun, but it helps me clear my mind and stay productive. It’s a helpful and relaxing activity. Hopefully by reading about my experience you feel inspired to try and sort through your closet or reorganize a storage space.

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