DIY Sunglasses Display

Supplies Needed:DSCN7068

Old picture frame

Spray paint

Pipe Cleaners

Hot glue gun

Command strips for picture frames


The Process:

  1. Spray paint the old frame whatever color you would like. I painted mine black. Make sure to completely cover the frame in new paint, and let dry before moving on.
  2. Cut the pipe cleaners, if necessary, and place them the way you want them on the frame. This should be done on the inside part so it looks cleaner once it’s displayed. Make sure not to cut them too small. Keep in mind you’ll still need to glue them on. Also, you can double up and do different colors if you want. I stuck to blue.
  3. Start gluing the pipe cleaners on carefully, making sure not to burn yourself in the process. Let dry.
  4. Hang up your sunglass display using Command strips (or whatever other options you have), and then add the sunglasses. Voila! Now you have a place to easily display your sunglasses and see them all at once.







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