A Look at My Desk Area





I’ve been working a lot on getting more organized lately, especially when it comes to my work area at home. Here is a look at my desk/work area and some thoughts on how to keep your work area organized.

My desk is in my living room, and it’s facing away from everything to keep me from getting distracted.

I decided when I first set up this work area that I would want to have some posters up in front of my desk. Before that, there was just plain wall for me to stare at, and that doesn’t work very well for me. To keep me from looking around the room, though, and noticing any potential distractions, I set up these posters in front of my desk.

On the left side, I keep any books that I’ll be needing while I work. If I’m doing a research project, then I keep books there that have to do with my project. If I’m reviewing books, I always keep them at my desk while I write in case I need to look at them again.

I also, of course, have a lamp to the left. I use it when I don’t want to use the room light, especially in the evenings when my eyes are starting to get a little more tired.

On the right side of my desk, I keep multiple pens and pencils as well as craft scissors.

There are also two shelves below the actual desk work area. On the top shelf, I keep a variety of items, such as important papers, paper clips, and sticky notes. These are all inside of a little organizer so I can find and see everything easily. On the bottom shelf I keep my camera equipment, including tripods, camera, and polaroid camera.

This isn’t a part of my desk, but it is a part of my work area. If I turn right while I’m sitting at my desk, I have two white sets of drawers that I purchased at Wal-Mart a while back. These each have three drawers and contain a variety of supplies that I often use, such as pens, pencils, brushes, sticky notes, or folders. On top of these sets of drawers I keep loose papers and bottles of paint.

I do a lot of crafty stuff, so I have a lot of supplies around my work area that have to do with that. Not every item around my work area might be relevant to you, but this can give you an idea of how I keep from letting my desk area get too crazy and how I stay organized.

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