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When Your Friend Can Say, “I Told You So”

“See?” he told me. “I always tell you not to worry.”

I laughed to myself and nodded. He really does always say that – always tells me that things are going to work out. And I hardly ever believe it.

I’m a worrier by nature. When my friends travel, I worry about them having a safe trip. All through college I worried about grades and passing classes. I worried about what life would be like after college more than anything else. And I often worry about what comes next.

And there were always a few friends I would talk to when I was feeling stressed and worrying about everything that lay ahead.

The other day, I was talking to one of my best friends. I told him about my new job, about how physical therapy was going, and about the way so many things in my life were looking up.

He was happy for me in the way friends always are happy for one another. And then he reminded me about how worried I’d been just a couple months before. I had told him about a lot of my concerns. Would I find a job? How long would it take? How would it be interviewing during my recovery from surgery? And he had listened so patiently and had told me over and over not to worry.

I’m a worrier by nature. It’s true. I wish that weren’t the case, but I’m a worrier. It’s something I’ve been trying to work on about myself. But despite all that, I think it’s great to get to look back and see that things really are looking better. If nothing else, I love that I can look back and think too myself, “Things turned out better than I thought they would.”

If nothing else, I’m thankful I had friends to talk to. I’m thankful that I had friends along the way to remind me to pray and to trust in God. And I’m thankful, most of all that things really are working out.


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