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Things I Want to Do By Myself in 2016

I’m aware that January is more than half over and that this is kind of a silly time for me to write about a resolution-type thing. At the same time, though, I don’t think it’s ever too late to challenge myself to try new things – or to try old things in a new way.

I’m a really awkward person sometimes, and I’m pretty bad at being independent. In the past I’ve struggled with loneliness and social anxiety, so now that I’m doing better I’m trying to spread my wings a little bit. My goal is to be the kind of person that can have an eventful or fun day even if no one else is available to hang out.

With that in mind I’ve compiled a list of things I’d like to do alone in the next year (with a little inspiration from Cosmo).

  1. Go to a museum. I’ve heard about this as an ideal alone activity multiple times, but I haven’t actually done it yet. I think it would be fun to walk around for a couple hours and see the exhibit at my own pace. Maybe I could go get ice cream afterward by myself as well.
  2. Get a pedicure. This used to be something I could do by myself, but somewhere along the way I started waiting until someone else could go with me. Getting a pedicure is one of my favorite things to splurge on because it’s such a relaxing experience. Going by myself would just take out the social part of this experience.
  3. Have a movie night. We have them at my house all the time, but having one by myself could be a lot of fun. Realistically, movies aren’t all that social anyway. I want to make it an event, with popcorn and other snacks for me to munch on while I watch.
  4. Travel somewhere. What I have in mind is travelling to see a friend but taking the trip on my own – whether that means driving or flying. Either way, this could be a fun experience. The couple times I did do this, I enjoyed it. It made me feel grown up. If the opportunity presents itself, I’ll definitely take it.
  5. Join a new group activity. Maybe this will mean joining a Bible study or trying out a class at the gym or some other random class. I’m not totally sure what this one will look like. But the idea is that I want to join some sort of group – and not because any of my friends are doing it but just because I’m interested. That’s probably going to be the hardest one to accomplish, but it’ll be fun to try.

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